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ok then.

i have chosen to leave this community. i dont believe this... its so pathetically hilarious.

i made a community "fan club."
i asked the bad girls that i could find to join the community
i introduced myself in the communities they tell me about and...

all of this? and this?

i was not trying to be presumptous, rude, overbearing, stupid, or anything else by making a community. i didnt know there were two so i made one. so what? its not that big of a deal. i made it to join, not to tell other people that i am perfect and that i know everything there is to know about this stuff. ive loved this whole "bad girl" thing since i bought the journal two years ago. i didnt know that there was a website, i didnt know that there was a tv show, so i made a community to figure all this out and to unite with bad girls around the globe. unfortunately (and sadly) i was insulted, taunted, and then cast out of the culture just because i asked someone to join my community.

its like ayshianka said, you (the people who have been beating me down relentlessly) are acting like five year olds fighting over barbie dolls. this is really retarded. people like that only make society a worse place to be by being assholes. on that note, i feel as if i should say my final word and leave. i am discusted with this group. if anyone would like to join my community, they may do so. if not, then drop it and get on with your lives. and the people who have been watching all of this from the sidelines are probably discusted too... if they ever see one of these books in a store they may think "wow, those are the girls who were so rude to that other girl, i want nothing to do with them" and not buy it and be yet another fan and supporter of cameron tuttle. i hope you are happy with yourselves.

on that note, toodles. dont bother responding to this. i will just delete the comments and pay them no mind. im sick of your childishness. no ♥
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